Handmade glass animal made in Murano glass

The glass animals are entirely made of glass, handmade by a craftsman using the processing technique called lampworking (‘Vetro a lume’). The lampworking is very popular in Venice and in particular in Murano. The technique of lampworking is also used throughout the world to create jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings.

Murano Glass original from Venice

Making animals in Murano glass is a specialty of Venice and this type of products become art when the craftsman is carried away by his creativity to design unique and unrepeatable artworks. In fact, every artwork crafted by the artist brings with itself the artist experience, passion and emotion of the moment. Each artisan is able to give unique shapes, colors and movements to any of his glass creation.

What makes fantastic the technique of lampworking (‘Vetro a lume’) is the apparent simplicity in handling the glass. In reality lampworking hides behind every movement a real art. Behind lampworking there is the freedom to be carried away to create an artwork that can only be copied but not reproduced a second time.

Handmade glass animals made in Murano glass

Handmade glass animals made in Murano glass

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