Types of glass

Crystal glass

The crystal glass is commonly called “crystal” (“cristallo” in Italian) and it consists of 35% lead. Its main characteristics are hardness, brilliance and is obtained by the addition of potassium and Bohemian crystal.

The crystal glass is very popular in Murano and it is used in particular for artistic creations such as cups, glasses and vases.
Murano Glass original from Venice

Frosted glass

The frosted glass is glass that has a matte surface and is often used in vases, but also for Venetian chandeliers, appliques and table or floor lamps. The glass becomes opaque due to the processing of silking.

Etched glass

The etched glass is obtained thanks to a chemical treatment that uses hydrofluoric acid it that has the property of affecting the glass and provide it with a granular surface.

Silvered glass

The silvered glass is no more than a mirror. In fact, on the plate surface is applied a layer of silver that produces the optical reflection visible on the opposite surface treated.

Self-cleaning glass

The self-cleaning glass is used in the manufacture of cars, in the construction industry and in other processes.

The self-cleaning action is due to the application of a thin layer of titanium dioxide on the outer surface.

Glazing Glass

The glazing is nothing more than the glass used in construction such as windows and doors, and it has the properties of both thermic and acoustic insulation.

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